Filuma Garage Doors

An external view of a Filuma Garage Door in-situ


The sectional overhead Filuma 2000 garage door is constructed from virtually maintenance-free GRP (glass reinforced plastic), offering a high degree of natural daylighting and durability coupled with simplicity of installation and operation.


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Natural Daylighting

The high level of diffused natural daylighting within the garage, achieved by the use of translucent panels, provides a much more user-friendly environment. This can encourage use of the garage for purposes other than for cars, such as a workshop or playroom.


The Filuma 2000 is a lightweight sectional overhead door which can be operated manually or electrically. The profiled panels are manufactured using translucent GRP contained within lightweight aluminium frames. Unlike rigid, pivoted overhead garage doors, the Filuma 2000’s sectional construction allows it to open vertically as opposed to swinging out from the bottom and accidentally hitting any object or person in the way. This allows vehicles to park right up to the door itself, a particularly useful feature where the driveway is short and space is limited.

Added Safety Of Operation

The Filuma 2000 has been designed to provide a unique finger-safe hinged jointing arrangement (patent pending) on each sectional panel. This has been designed to prevent fingers from being trapped when the door is being operated.


Available in traditional Snowchem white at present. The external aluminium framework has an attractive anodised finish. The unit can be supplied in mill-finish aluminium id requested.


The unit comes complete with a lockable handle (manual operation models only)


Doors are custom-made within the following parameters;

  • Width:    Panels can be supplied up to 4.88m (16′.00″) wide
  • Heights between – 1.829m (6′.00″) and 2.134m (7′.00)
  • For heights over 2.134m (7′.00) please contact us to request a bespoke quotation



The door’s lightweight construction (about half the weight of comparable garage doors manufactured in wood or metal) allows light fingertip control while opening and closing the door. Alternatively the doors can be fitted with all major remote motorised control operators


The metal external components are manufactured from rust and corrosion resistant aluminium alloy and the panels from GRP, giving a long service life. Filuma garage doors have a long established and well deserved reputation. A great many doors are still in operation and providing reliable service after 40 years. The new Filuma 2000 incorporates all of the essential features of the original door but provides a finger-safe continuous hinge to eliminate finger trapping at the jointing of the panels


Filuma 2000 garage doors are low maintenance by design. The sectional panels are made with self-finishing GRP, no painting or staining is required, just a wash with soap and water is all that is recommended. The plastic rollers are self-lubricating and should operate without any general maintenance.