Thermac 2000

A run of Thermac 2000 Combination louvres painted white and installed on site at Hull Trinity Market



The Thermac 2000 Combination Thermal Louvre is designed to act as a controllable, low leakage ventilation source for either inlet or exhaust. Individual louvres consist of an A rated weather louvre to the exterior with a controllable PVC Damper to the inside. Offered as single units or alternatively they may be joined together to form banks of unlimited height and width.

All louvres are suitable for mounting into cladding, glazing and brickwork with flanges formed to suit any mounting detail.

Thermac 2000 Thermal Louvres in-situ at Hull Trinity Market


  • Our Thermac 2000 Louvres are manufactured from extruded Aluminium sections for the exterior louvre and rigid uPVC having a U value of 1.2W/m²°C for the internal dampers
  • Available as single louvres or continuous runs
  • Integrated blade seals and stainless steel side seals and fittings
  • 85m²/h per m² leakage at 50Pa exceeding the requirement of Part L – Building Regulations



An internal view of Thermac 2000 Thermal Louvres with Hull Minster to the rear


System Options:

The main body of the system is fabricated from extruded Aluminium, while the dampers to the rear consist of a PVC body and blades with flexible plastic seals.

The louvres can be provided in Mill Finish Aluminium, Polyester Powder Coated or Marine Grade PPC and fitted with an optional Bird mesh (12.35mm x 35.05mm) or Insect mesh (3.5mm x 2mm)

Single skin aluminium or Double skin insulated or acoustic blanking plates are also available if required


Our operating louvres can be provided with the following modes of actuation;

  • Manual/Hand operated
  • Pneumatic Actuation
  • Electrical Actuation (230v, 24v)


Size, free area & weight

Louvre units can be manufactured to bespoke sizes to suit most requirements, larger non-standard sizes are manufactured in multiple sections for site assembly by installer. Standard louvres have an approximate weight of 20 kg/m²

The system provides a free area of 48% when fully opened and a Coefficient of Discharge of 0.32


  • Intake/extract louvres for offices, schools and other interior spaces buildings where thermal loss and draughts may be an issue
  • Balance louvres for building management systems or thermal release purposes




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