Classroom Ventilation Rooflight Turrets

A group of natural ventilation louvre rooflight turrets painted grey and installed into a school in London

Classroom Ventilation Solutions – McKenzie Martin

When a specialised school in North London began a program of upgrading works they had a requirement for a bespoke system of ventilated rooflights which would react to changes in temperature and CO2 while still maintaining a thermal barrier. We were more than happy to provide our Classroom Ventilation Turrets to fill this need!

System Features

With low U double glazing, thermally broken uPVC dampers internally and A-rated Weather Louvres to the outside our Classroom Turrets provide controllable ventilation to interior spaces along with natural light. When coupled with our wall mounted control systems the Turrets can be set to open and close automatically in reaction to pre-set levels of CO2 and temperature within classrooms.

If required the units can also be equipped with internal motorised blinds to prevent glare or control solar gain during the summertime. With a variety of other control, finish and actuation options available the possibilities with this system are endless.

If would like to know more about this system please feel free to Contact Us or see our Turrets Page