McKenzie Martin in partnership with Hampshire County Council

A front view of a Thermac thermally resistant natural ventilation louvre

We are pleased to announce that Hampshire County Council have specified McKenzie Martin Maximair “A” Series weather louvres and Thermac insulated louvres to provide natural ventilation for a number of new schools currently under construction

The “A” Series has been specifically designed to provide exceptional performance characteristics in both minimum water ingress and resistance to airflow. For these works the performance of the louvres has been coupled with a custom motorised damper to allow a controllable natural ventilation solution for each classroom.

The Thermac louvres allow for an operating natural ventilation scheme during the summer months while still being capable of providing heat retention during winter. The thermal rockwool infill enclosed in each blade ensures that the classrooms can retain heat even in the coldest conditions.  Inclusion of 0-10v modulating motors into the body of the louvres allows for fine control of the blades without protruding control arms spoiling the aesthetic of the units.

The selection of natural ventilation over powered air conditioning demonstrates a greener approach to building management and allows for environmentally friendly ventilation of the interior spaces of the school.

If you would like any further information on these louvres or if you require a quote please feel free to contact us