Ridge Vents Go International

Mackridge Units heading abroad

In partnership with a prominent, Gibraltar-based building company we have begun exporting our Mackridge ridge ventilation systems to the continent.

Fabricated from marine-grade materials to reduce corrosion and incorporating advanced rain resistance these units will eventually be installed into a series of roofs overlooking the Port of Gibraltar, nearly a full linear kilometre of vents will be sent to site by the time of completion! When coupled with low-level louvre inlets our Mackridge system utilises the natural stack effect within a building in order to provide ventilation without the need for powered fans.

With the current drive towards sustainable building practices the ability to remove heat from processes/plant without using excess energy provides a reduction in energy bills as well as some much needed green credentials!

If you’re interested in this system or require any further information please see our Mackridge page or feel free to Contact Us