A line of Mackridge natural ridge ventilators in-situ on a roof in Todmorden

Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation in industrial buildings is essential for the circulation of fresh air and the removal of warm, stale or contaminated air. Our natural ventilation solutions are suitable for a variety of industrial applications like factories, warehouses and distilleries. Our natural ventilation products are made-to-measure to suit your requirements, and can be fabricated in the materials and colours you specify.

Top Roof Ventilation Products

Our bestselling products, the Mackridge and Mackridge SV are ridge ventilators, designed to be installed along the roof’s highest point for optimum extraction. They can be installed as separate units or in a continuous form, to suit any pitch of roof and can be fixed to any type of sheeted or decked roof. We also have a number of louvres and other roof ventilators which can be custom-made for almost any roof pitch and in your specified materials and colours. Our expert technical team can help calculate your ventilation requirements, and design the right roof vents or louvres for each building.

All Roof Ventilation Products

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