100mm Acoustic Louvre

A 100mm Acoustic Louvre built from aluminium and painted brown


Acoustic louvres are designed to provide a dual function of natural ventilation combined with effective sound reduction characteristics.

Our units can be provided in a variety of finishes to suit your requirements.


Design Features

The louvre blade configurations have been specifically designed, evaluated and tested by Salford University’s Faculty of Applied Acoustics and Department of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering to provide, within a single unit, an effective means of sound reduction combined with good airflow characteristics.


Louvre Blade Casing Offered in a choice of aluminium or steel, either in mill finish or post coated. Also available manufactured using pre-coated materials.
Aluminium units in aluminium alloy to BS EN 485 supplied in either mill finish or with a polyester powder paint finish (including Syntha Pulvin) with a wide choice of colours and gloss levels.
Steel units manufactured using galvanised steel in mill finish or with a polyester powder paint finish (including Syntha Pulvin).
Pre-coated units manufactured using Plastisol, PVDf or Colorcoat coated substrates in a full range of colours.

Acoustic Infill Each louvre blade incorporates sound absorbing, fire retardant, inert mineral wool, which is vermin and bacteria proof.

Mesh The sound absorption material is contained within 2 layers of self extinguishing fire retardant nylon mesh: Inner layer 2mm diamond, black; outer layer 6mm diamond, black, or expanded aluminium mesh mounted to the rear of the louvre blade.

Product Testing

The units have been tested at Salford University’s Department of Applied Acoustics and SRL. Their facilities are considered to be the finest and most up-to-date in Europe.

Acoustic Testing

The units have been subjected to a series of controlled sound transmission tests, following the procedure detailed in BS2750: Part 3: 1980, ‘Recommendations for Field and Laboratory Measurements of Airborne Sound Transmissions in Buildings’


The units were subjected to a series of independently controlled tests to determine the aerodynamic performance of the design.

Aerodynamic Co-efficient – 0.223 (100mm)


  • Top, bottom and side flanges may be formed to whatever mounting detail is required. For additional information please consult the separate form entitled Details Required for Manufacture.
  • With flanged louvres, the box depth can be manufactured to fit inside or outside the building line as required.
  • Where units are to be mounted in continuous horizontal runs, joining plates are supplied for weathering.
  • Nylon mesh or expanded aluminium mesh bird guards can be fitted internally if required.


Detailed fixing instructions supplied with units.


Approximate weight of unit = 44 kg/m².


Maintenance should be carried out in accordance with McKenzie-Martin’s recommendations.

System Design & Product Selection

Assistance with scheme design and product selection is offered by our experienced technical team.