Mackridge SV – Ridge Roof Ventilator

Mackridge SV natural ridge roof ventilator in-situ at a project in Brimingham


The Mackridge-SV stands out as an affordably priced low profile Natural Roof Ventilator that serves as a key component of a ventilation system positioned along the ridge of a structure. Placed strategically at the highest point, it facilitates optimal air extraction. This adaptable unit offers the flexibility of individual installation along the ridge or seamless integration for uninterrupted ventilation runs. Operating as a natural exhaust ventilator, the Mackridge effectively eliminates stale, warm, or contaminated air, promoting a well-ventilated environment.

Each unit is tailor-made to suit the roof construction, providing options such as guards against birds or insects.

A view on the internal bird guard inside the Mackridge SV

A view on the internal bird guard inside the Mackridge SV

The Mackridge SV is a competitively priced, natural exhaust ridge roof ventilator specifically designed to fit along a building ridge line. Units can be sited along the ridge as single units or joined together to provide a continuous run.

Application of a ridge roof ventilator

Ridge roof ventilators provide a means of exhaust for extraction of warm, stale or contaminated air from a building by being placed in the optimal position for extraction of air at the highest point of a factory, warehouse or distillery.

This is usually the apex of the roof, pulling out the hot air as it rises. We have designed the Mackridge SV natural roof ridge ventilator specifically for mounting along the ridge-line of a building, utilising the apex. It can be manufactured in single unit or continuous form, to suit any pitch of roof and can be fixed to any type of sheeted or decked roof.

The relative position of the roof ridge ventilator along the apex maintains the longitudinal symmetry of the building appearance, unlike many other types of natural ventilators. The ventilators are offered in a range of materials and colours to colour match or contrast with the roof claddings. Each Ventilator is custom made to suit individual requirements.

Design and Installation Flexibility

With such a wide range of throat opening widths and lengths, together with the option of employing either individual units or full ridges, design and installation options are endless.


Available in a wide range of standard throat widths from 152mm to 305mm, Mackridge SV ventilators are made-to-measure in lengths and configurations to suit your requirements.


Aluminium alloy units weigh 18-70kg
Plastisol steel units weigh 28-104kg

Materials & Finishes

The most commonly used materials are:-

  • Mill finish aluminium
  • Plastisol
  • PVDf coated steel

Other materials and finishes include:- Aluminium with a polyester powder paint (including Syntha Pulvin) with a wide choice of colours and gloss levels.

Steel units manufactured using galvanised steel in mill finish or PPC painted.

Pre-coated units manufactured using a wide range of coated aluminium and steel substrates including HPS200 & Prisma.


  • Joining kits to form continuous runs
  • Bird guards
  • Insect mesh
  • Internal closure trim flashings
  • Security guards

Functional option

  • Permanently venting

Maintenance of Ridge Roof Ventilators

Maintenance should be carried out in accordance with McKenzie-Martin’s recommendations.

System Design & Product Selection

Assistance with scheme design and product selection is offered by our experienced technical team.


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