Maximair Louvre System

A group photo of Maximair architectural natural ventilation Louvres


Maximair is a versatile, heavy duty & robust extruded aluminium louvre system suitable for applications where a continuous unbroken appearance is required. Available in 3 different pitch sizes, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm.


Can be used to provide ventilation or to act as an architectural or screening facade, or a combination of both.


The extruded louvre blades are available in three different pitch sizes: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.


Louvre blades are installed with concealed blade support brackets onto hidden support carrier mullions, and are supplied in a series of fully assembled modules to form continuous louvres banks with an unbroken appearance. Alternatively smaller individual units can be supplied in box louvre format, fully assembled with integral top, side and cill flashings.

Independent Product Testing

The Maximair louvres have been subjected to rigorous independent weather testing which was carried out by B.S.R.I.A. (The Building Services Research Information Association) using a simulated 13m/s wind speed together with a 75l/hr/m² water supply directed onto the louvre face with a further induced core ventilation flow of 0m/s to 3.5m/s with the following results:-

  • Maximair 50 – up to Class B
  • Maximair 75 – up to Class B
  • Maximair 100 – up to Class C

Aerodynamic Co-efficient

  • Maximair 50 – 0.235
  • Maximair 75 – 0.328
  • Maximair 100 – 0.353

Weights and Free Areas

  • Maximair 50 – 19kg/m² – 49% free area
  • Maximair 75 – 17kg/m² – 43% free area
  • Maximair 100 – 16kg/m² – 52% free area


Louvre blades are manufactured in 1.6-2mm thick extruded aluminium alloy to BS 1474 6063 T6. The mullions and support brackets are manufactured in 3mm thick extruded aluminium to BS 1474 6063 T6.


Maximair louvres can include:

  • Turrets
  • Mitred corners
  • Tapered louvres
  • Different shapes including circular, triangular, etc.
  • Box frames, flanges, cills, flashings
  • Birdmesh
  • Flymesh
  • Blanking plates (single skin or insulated)
  • Louvred Doors
  • Double/multiple banks


Louvres can be supplied in natural mill finish or alternatively in a range of polyester powder paint finishes (including Syntha Pulvin) with a wide choice of colours and gloss levels. Other standard finishes include anodising in Natural Silver or coloured Anolok II.


Aluminium or insulated blanking plates can be mounted to the rear. In addition expanded aluminium mesh birdguards or perforated fly screens are available. Each of these can be fitted internally during, manufacture. Head, cill and jamb flashings in aluminium alloy to BS EN 485 can be prodiced to suit opening requirements.

Mitred Corners

Internal and external mitred corner units are available to enable a continuous appearance of the louvres to be maintained around changes of direction.


Louvre modules are supplied completely assembled either with integral box frames or concealed mullion supports, depending upon application. For applications requiring large areas of continuous unbroken appearance, installation time is minimised as all louvre blades are precisely factory pre-assembled onto supporting pre-punched mullions for ease of on site fitting by the fixing contractor.


Maintenance should be carried out in accordance with McKenzie-Martin’s recommendations.

System Design & Product Selection

Assistance with scheme design and product selection is offered by our experienced technical team.