Triple Bank Louvre

Our Triple Bank fabricated weather louvre in-situ at a job in Exeter


McKenzie Martin Triple Bank louvre system comprising of a triple pass louvre blade with integral water traps and drains to offer permanent ventilation.
Designed to give increased rain defence capability over single & double bank louvre systems.
The blades can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to suit requirements.
McKenzie Martin Triple Bank Louvres are suitable for vertical mounting into sidewall cladding or brickwork and may be installed singly, in horizontal runs or vertical tiers.


• McKenzie Martin Triple Bank Louvres can be manufactured from a variety of materials including;
aluminium, galvanised mild steel and stainless steel, pre-coated materials and zinc.

Aerodynamic Performance

• The Triple pass blade has been designed to provide maximum airflow and free area whilst
maintaining a high level of weather protection.


Louvres can be manufactured in factory assembled modules to any practicable size and shape.


The Triple Bank Louvre is complimented with a range of options and accessories including:
• A wide range of BS, RAL & Syntha Pulvin powder coated finishes are available.
• Bird / vermin guards fitted as standard, insect mesh available as an option.
• Thermal and acoustic blanking plates.
• Access panels and doors.


Maintenance should be carried out in accordance with McKenzie-Martin’s recommendations.

Weights & Free Area

• Free area: Average 46 – 50%
• Weight: Dependant upon blade configuration and material, generally 22 – 25kg/m²


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