Macstream MkII

A Macstream II active ventilation fan with mushroom cowl


A range of extract units designed to economically provide positive powered extraction to remove warm, stale or contaminated air.


Suited to wide range of applications calling for controllable powered extraction under variable weather conditions.


Roof mounted for curb and pitched roof mounting, the range provides both Low Silhouette & Upward Discharge designs:-

Each available in six sizes with 2 pole , 4 pole, 6 pole or 8 pole models.

Selections can be made after comparing the noise levels, electrical loadings and performance data on specification sheets available at the top of this page.

The units incorporate the highest quality motors with excellent speed regulation characteristics and thermal motor protection facilities available.


Sizes range from 300mm through to 800mm with duties up to 7.28m³/s.


Base and cowl assemblies are manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyester resin, with fire retardant characteristics in accordance with BS476 Class 2, Part 7.


Standard colour is to BS4800 is 00-A-05 (grey). Other colours are available.


Lightweight grp backdraught shutters are supplied as standard. Airflow operated, they open when the fan is running and close when the unit is switched off, therefore, ensuring minimal heat loss through the unit.


All units are fitted with hot dip galvanised steel internally fitted guards as standard.
Upward discharge units also have external guards.


Constructed from injection moulded, quality thermoplastic with glass fibre filler, all impellers are dynamically balanced as per ISO 1940.


Top quality motors 3 phase motors are used on Macstream units as standard.

They are of the asynchronous induction type, compliant with all relevant LVD, EMC, ROHS, Energy Usage and Machinery UE directives as weel as IEC60034 & IEC60072 standards.

Bearings are ‘sealed for life’ type. Class F insulation and construction to IP55 is standard.

All motors are fitted with a thermistor to enable overheat protection if required.

Electrical Supply

Units are suitable for 380-415V, 3ph, 50Hz electrical supply. Also, motors can be supplied suitable for a 220-240V, 3ph, 50Hz (for suitable inverter drive output). Finally, 230V single phase motors can be built on special request.

Operating Conditions

Macstream MkII motors will operate satisfactorily in continuous temperatures from -20°C to +60°C.

2 Speed Motors

2 speed motors are available on request – please specify at quotation & order stage.

Variable Speed Control

Available through the use of inverter drives (these can be supplied as an option) upward discharge units can run down to a 25Hz supply, whilst low silhouette units can operate on a 5Hz supply.

Performance & Technical

Refer to specifications (above) for full technical information including performance, electrical loads etc.,


Maintenance should be carried out in accordance with McKenzie-Martin’s recommendations.

System Design & Product Selection

Assistance with scheme design and product selection is offered by our experienced technical team.



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