Roof Access Hatches with Boosted Ventilation

A fabricated Access Hatch complete with integrated Vent-axia fan


Escape Routes and Access

With fire safety being a principle concern in the Petrochemical industry the provision of escape routes for personnel is an urgent requirement. It was this need which led one of our customers, a large petrochemical company, to order a pair of Roof Access Hatches complete with integrated Ventilation Fans for one of their sites in London.


Incorporating Vent-Axia ventilation fans, thermal insulation and internal/external personnel controls the access hatch allows for air movement in the spaces below while still providing a safe ingress or egress point for any staff in the event of an emergency or for routine roof access.

Available in Mill Finish / PPC Aluminium, Plastisol or Stainless Steel with options for electrical, pneumatic and manual operation / locking our hatches can be built to suit any requirements.

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